Using Values To Create Meaning In Daily Life And Overcome Anxiety

17/05/18 • Aaron Neo – Psychologist At Humanique

Throughout the course of our lives, we sometimes lose sight of the important things at any given moment. Many of us are guilty at one point or another of over-committing or accidentally neglecting areas of our lives which we consider important such as careers, children, family or even hobbies. If we were to sit down and start listing a breakdown of the energy and time spent on each of these areas, would it be an accurate reflection of the value you place on each of these particular facets of your life ?

What are values ?

Values can be described as the driving forces that help to direct us towards what we most care about.  Generally, they drive us towards various life domains which might include family, romantic relationships, careers or employment, leisure activities and hobbies, self-care and even spirituality and religion.

It is important to note that these ‘values’ are most often perceived differently in the context of different life domains. A good way to think of values in relation to a particular domain is to ask yourself how you would want to appear and what role you would want to take in the area. For example, in your career, you might aim to be quiet and contemplative but in your social relationships, you might wish to be the opposite. Learning to distinguish these individual values within their relevant life area is a good way to set boundaries and intention.

Differentiating between goals and values

Values are not the same thing as goals. While goals are generally achievable and can be accomplished at any given moment, values are something that while similar to goals in terms of being achievable, are also something can be continually aspired to. In this way, goals may be a part of values and achieving a goal could be seen as an important step towards progress within a value. 

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