Psychologist Fees and Rebates

In addition to our affordable fees, we also charge on a sliding scale system for individuals going through financial difficulty.

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Standard Session Fees are $165 Before Rebates. In most cases, your out of pocket expenses will be significantly lower than this as Medicare & Private health rebates are available for appointments with all our psychologists. We also welcome self-referrals.

How Our Sliding Scale Fees Work

Under our sliding scale system, session fees may be reduced depending on your circumstances.

E.g. for unemployed individuals who are facing severe financial hardship, we slide our fees down to a low of $135 per session ($135 Fee – Medicare Rebate ($84.80) = Approximately $50 Out of Pocket per session). The exact amount is determined on a case-by-case basis. If you feel these circumstances apply to you, please get in touch and discuss it with your psychologist before your first session.

If you require long term therapy or are ineligible for medicare rebates we charge a $100 flat fee per session.

Psychologist Medicare Rebates and Mental Health Care pLans

Medicare provides a rebate of $84.80 per session for up to 10 sessions per calendar year with a valid referral. This leaves you with a gap fee of $80 per session.

To get your medicare rebate for visiting a psychologist, you first have to book an appointment with your GP and let them know you need a mental health care plan (MHCP). Your GP will then work with you to develop this MHCP at your appointment and write you a referral letter to a psychologist if necessary. This referral letter MUST be addressed to one of our psychologists, you can find our details below.

Before you go about getting this document it is advised that you give us a call or have a chat with us to find out which of our psychologists would be a better match for your concerns.

Please address your referrals to the psychologist you wish to see;

Ms Dale Shrestha, 256 Stirling Street, Perth WA 6000 or Mr Aaron Neo, 256 Stirling Street, Perth WA 6000 .

You need to ensure that we receive a copy of your MHCP and referral letter before or at your first session to be eligible to receive your rebate. Medicare will rebate a total of 10 sessions per calendar year.

Private Health Cover For Psychologist Visits

Private health insurance may offer significant rebates depending on your particular policy and level of cover.

This could range anywhere from less than $50 to the full amount but you should always check with your provider before you book a session with a psychologist. You do not need any referrals to claim private health rebates and can just make a booking with us directly.

The amount you will be rebated varies greatly between providers, it is always a good idea to check with both us and your health insurance provider beforehand to make sure that your sessions will be covered. If you are covered, you will only have to pay the gap fee.

At Humanique, We use HICAPS to process all payments so you can receive your medicare rebate on the spot. If you are using private health cover, you only need to pay the gap fee.

Have a question about our Fees or Rebates ? We're always happy to help. Just send us a message !


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