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At Humanique, it is our core belief that every individual is different. Psychological assessments and personality testing help people gain a better understanding of their own individual cognitive, behavioural and emotional functioning

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Our Testing Capabilities

All tests are administered by qualified persons only, as indicated by each test manufacturer.

Our psychologists are qualified and experienced in administering and reporting on a wide variety of tests. As organisational specialists, we also handle broad spectrum organisational testing. 

We take great pride in our test library which is one of the most extensive in WA. We have access to both organisational and clinical tests including the MMPI, NEO suite, PAI and DISC. We also provide testing for organisations and businesses. Just give us a call to learn more at 1300 059 666.

More information about psychological testing

How much does testing cost ?

We believe in fair pricing and improving the accessibility of psychological assessment in Perth. As such, we generally do not make a profit on the actual test. Rather, you simply pay us for our time spent on administering, scoring and reporting the test in addition to the cost price of the actual instrument. This does not apply to organisational and corporate testing but we are confident you will find our rates highly competitive.

Do I have to pay for tests used during my session?

While we do use a lot of short simple tests during our therapy and counselling work, these are counted as part of our session and incur no extra fees. In certain cases, we might recommend a particular psychometric test (e.g. personality testing or testing for a particular diagnosis) if we feel it is necessary as part of your treatment or if you have a particular concern in an area.

How is testing conducted ?

There are many different tests and many different administration methods. Some tests can be done online or on a tablet and mobile device while some have to be done using pen and paper. Most tests have to be completed in the presence of a psychologist or similarly qualified person while some can be completed at home.

Ultimately, it depends on the particular test and the instructions and guidelines provided by the test publisher. Do note that most tests are copyrighted and we cannot simply provide you with a a copy or purchase one for you, this would be both illegal and highly unethical.

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