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Its a common misconception that attending relationship counselling means your relationship is in serious trouble or you're already headed straight for divorce. All relationships have their own unique issues and conflicts and our Perth Psychologists are here to help guide you through these ups and downs.

Dale Shrestha - Principal Psychologist

Principal Psychologist

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How Relationship Counselling Helps

Relationships, by nature, sometimes get stuck in perpetuating unhelpful or even toxic patterns that you just can’t seem to manage. Modern couples face many challenges, from struggling with infidelity to becoming trapped in our own internal conflicts. Some of us may even suffer from underlying mental health issues such as depression or anxiety which might affect our relationships. These situations, while not ideal, are relatively common and while some people might get through them without any help, sometimes we need the insight of a mental health professional to guide us through and provide a different point of view. 

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How couples counselling can help

It is important to understand that every relationship is different. This includes the nature of the issues you face as a couple. When you first visit us, we will work together to assess the severity and nature of the challenges you face. The main focus will be on communication, and that can only happen once everyone is on the same page.

It is also important to note that couples counselling is not just for fixing a relationship gone bad, it can also be the right path for couples who wish to strengthen their relationship or work on preventing existing small issues from becoming a problem in the future.

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Speak directly to one of our psychologists using the chat button at the bottom right of your screen or call us at 1300 059 666 . We are happy to answer all questions but please do note that we cannot provide psychological services over our website.

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You can call Beyondblue at 1300 22 4636 to speak to a trained mental health professional 24/7. If you are facing a crisis, call Lifeline at 13 11 14.

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Need urgent Help ?

If you need immediate assistance, you can call Beyondblue at 1300 22 4636 to speak to a trained mental health professional 24/7.
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