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Every Psychologist at Humanique has 3 things in common; a passion for helping others, empathy for those in suffering, and excellence in clinical training. We are driven by our mission of connecting the people of Perth, WA with the highest quality of accessible and affordable mental health services.

Humanique was founded in 2018 and our philosophy is simple; to promote psychological well-being through a positive and supportive therapeutic relationship, and to “normalise” psychotherapy. Our emotional concerns are as legitimate and valid as their physical counterparts. Anyone should be free to get the mental help they need anytime, without unnecessary inconvenience, excessive costs or unfounded stigma.

Humanique is actively involved in the community and regularly supports a range of both local and overseas charities with a focus on mental health and helping disadvantaged children. We’re also proud adopters of Hector and Koyah, our Turtle and Orangutan 🙂 . Most recently, we’ve picked up granting wishes with the Starlight Foundation and helping children be seen and protected through our regular donations to Barnardos.

Managing Partner // Psychologist

Meet Our Psychologists

Please note that due to demand and caseload, not all of our psychologists are able to take on new clients at all times. We maintain only a short wait-list ( <30 days ) to ensure that we are able to provide the best service.

Dale Shrestha MAPS

Principal Psychologist

Dale, our Principal Psychologist, is your unwavering ally in navigating the complexities of life. She is dedicated to creating an environment of safety and acceptance where you can freely explore your struggles. Her philosophy revolves around partnership and mutual respect as you work hand in hand to conquer life’s challenges.

With a blend of scientific therapeutic techniques and a compassionate, empathic approach, she focuses on both addressing both presenting symptoms and long-term wellbeing. Her toolkit also includes mindfulness, relaxation techniques and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Aware of the diverse tapestry that is humanity, she has a wealth of experience assisting individuals from varied backgrounds and cultures. Dale’s mission is simple: to assist you in finding your balance and stepping into your best life.

Dale sees Adult clients only (18+ years)

Aaron Neo MAPS

Psychologist // Managing Partner

Aaron is a registered psychologist in Perth with a special interest in helping people deal with workplace / work-related issues in order to improve their overall well-being and reach their full potential. In addition to his formal training in psychology, Aaron has additional training in a range of treatment modalities including Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Schema Therapy and Mindfulness skills training. He places a strong emphasis on helping people develop their internal skillset so they can better manage their own well-being and goal achievement.

Aaron is a strong proponent of, and only uses evidence-based approaches. A diverse career path across both Singapore and Australia have allowed him to gain a deep understanding into mental health and well-being across various cultures and industries. As a former combat engineer in the Singapore Armed Forces, he is also familiar with the various challenges that are unique to veterans.

Aaron sees Adult clients only (18+ years)

Yu Ying Low

Clinical Psychologist

Ying is a dedicated psychologist who believes in the transformative power of compassionate, empathetic, and reflective therapy. Her practice is client-centered, aiming to facilitate self-exploration, healing, and progress, thereby helping clients unlock their greatest potential and lead fulfilling, meaningful lives. Mindful of cultural sensitivity, she ensures her therapeutic approach resonates with every individual’s unique circumstances.

When working with children and adolescents, Ying employs a holistic, systems approach. This encompasses collaborations with a multidisciplinary team of health practitioners, educators, and support officers, ensuring an all-around support system for the young individual. Recognising the significant role family plays in a young person’s recovery, her treatment approach also includes a deep focus on family dynamics, parental well-being, and attachment. Using an array of techniques like CBT and functional behaviour analyses, Ying provides an expansive, supportive space for growth and healing.

Ying sees Child, Adolescent and Adult clients (10+ years)

Cheong Wong


Cheong, a seasoned psychologist with a rich life journey, spent nearly a decade immersing himself in the diverse cultures of India. His experiences, spanning from religious exploration to refugee support, have shaped a deeply empathetic and understanding professional. Fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and even a small amount of Tibetan, Cheong works diligently to accommodate clients’ diverse backgrounds and languages. He creates a judgment-free space, welcoming clients of all backgrounds, including the LGBTIQA+ community, to discuss their deepest thoughts, feelings, and social taboos.

Professionally, Cheong has a broad expertise, catering to clients facing common mental health disorders such as depression and anxiety, relationship issues, trauma, and those enduring the impact of domestic violence, grief, and loss. His work extends into the disability sector, with a special focus on supporting individuals with Autism and Intellectual Disability. Cheong’s therapeutic approach is as unique as his journey, drawing from a wide range of evidenced-based techniques like CBT and humanistic therapy, tailoring each session to best suit the client. His compassionate and adaptable approach allows him to provide therapy that truly aligns with the individual needs of each client.

Cheong sees Adolescent and Adult clients ( 13+ Years )

Tiffany Foster

Clinical Psychologist

Tiffany is committed to creating a unique therapeutic journey for each individual, focusing on self-awareness and personal growth. She believes in harnessing your inherent strengths to foster change and healing that resonate with your lifestyle. Her experience with proven interventions, including CBT, ACT, Schema, and compassion-based approaches, aids in alleviating distress and crafting a life full of meaning. With a keen interest in value-guided action, she effectively deals with anger, relationship conflict, and trauma through a person-centred lens.

Dedicated to providing a secure space for her clients, Tiffany has a rich history in dealing with family domestic violence, substance abuse, and identity formation issues. Her person-centred approach blends empathy and non-judgment, making it easier to delve into challenging narratives and unravel complexities. Her passion lies in fostering an environment of safety and understanding, with a touch of humor for light-heartedness.

Tiffany sees Adolescent and Adult clients ( 13+ Years )

Sean Ng

Clinical Psychologist

Sean has formerly worked at the University of Western Australia delivering psychological services to students and staff presenting with a range of issues. Previously an electrical engineer, Sean has worked and trained in a range of settings both here and overseas before recognising his calling in the field of Psychology.

Sean brings a breadth of experience to his therapeutic approaches and believes in establishing a strong working relationship with clients in order to achieve successful treatment outcomes. Sean works with both adults and adolescents and is skilled in the use of evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Schema-Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Behaviour Therapy. His interest and experience ranges across issues such as anxiety, phobias, depression, stress and work-related issues, grief, abuse and relationship challenges.

Sean sees Adolescent and Adult clients ( 13+ Years )

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