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Every Psychologist at Humanique has 3 things in common; a passion for helping others, empathy for those in suffering and excellence in clinical training.

Dale Shrestha Psychologist
Dale Shrestha Psychologist

Principal Psychologist //
Bpsych(Hons) • MAppPsych(Org) • Psychologist MAPS

Member Australian Psychological Society

Dale is a Perth based Psychologist with a strong interest in helping people develop the ability to flourish in all aspects of their life. She believes that the most important step in starting the process of therapy is creating a safe and comfortable space, free of judgement or blame where you can work together as partners towards overcoming the difficulties in life you may be facing.

She adopts an integrative outlook towards therapy and uses a two-step approach; reducing symptoms with scientifically based therapeutic techniques for short-term relief from presenting difficulties, and deeper healing techniques which aim to identify and manage troublesome behaviours and patterns to improve long-term positive outcomes. In short, she aims to help you lead your best life possible.

In addition to her formal training in psychology, she has additional specialised training in mindfulness and relaxation techniques as well as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). She is highly experienced in working with people from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures including newly arrived migrants and international students. Dale has a strong passion for, and takes great pleasure in helping people find their balance in life.

Professional Memberships

  • Australian Psychological Society
  • Society for Industrial & Organisational Psychologists Australia (SIOPA)
  • International Society for Performance Improvement
  • Mensa Australia

Dale is most experienced in helping people with anxiety (and anxiety related concerns such as OCD), depression and marriage / relationship issues.

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Aaron Neo Psychologist

Psychologist / EAP Coordinator //
BCommun • BPsych • MAppPsych(Org) • Psychologist MAPS MAHRI

Member Australian Psychological Society

Aaron is a registered psychologist in Perth with a special interest in helping people deal with workplace / work-related issues in order to improve their overall well-being and reach their full potential.

In addition to his formal training in psychology, he has specialised training in a range of treatment modalities including Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and mindfulness skills training. He place a strong emphasis on helping people build their skills and knowledge so they can better manage their own well-being and goal achievement.

Aaron has enjoyed a diverse career path across both Singapore and Australia which has allowed him to gain a deep understanding into mental health and well-being across various cultures and industries. As a former combat engineer in the armed forces, He is also familiar with the various difficulties that veterans might come up against in their lives.

Professional Memberships

  • Australian Psychological Society
  • Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI)
  • International Society for Performance Improvement
  • Mensa Australia

Aaron is most experienced providing Career guidance, EAP counselling and helping people manage workplace issues that are affecting their mental health.

Aaron is only available for EAP Bookings

Humanique also operates with an extended team of Contract Psychologists and EAP Counsellors.


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Need Urgent Psychological help?

If you need immediate assistance, please call Beyondblue at 1300 22 4636 to speak to a trained mental health professional 24/7. If you are facing a crisis, you can contact Lifeline at 13 11 14 for crisis support.
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