About Us & Our Psychologists

We are driven by our mission of connecting the people of Perth, WA with accessible and affordable mental health services.

Our Mission

Humanique was founded in 2018 and  our philosophy is simple; to promote psychological well-being through a positive and supportive therapeutic relationship, and to “normalise” psychotherapy. Our emotional concerns are as legitimate and valid as their physical counterparts. Anyone should be free to get the mental help they need anytime, without unnecessary inconvenience, excessive costs or unfounded stigma.
If you need immediate assistance, please do not use this website. Call Lifeline at 13 11 14 for 24/7 crisis support.

Supporting Our People, Community and planet.

Humanique is actively involved in the community and regularly supports a range of both local and overseas charities with a focus on mental health and helping disadvantaged children. We’re also proud adopters of Hector and Koyah, our Turtle and Orangutan 🙂 . Most recently, we’re enjoying helping grant wishes with the Starlight Foundation. Click the image below to learn more about them.
Starlight Foundation
Tara Reale Psychologist
Tara Reale

Psychologist (Clinical Psychology Registrar) //
Bpsych(Hons)•MAppPsych(Clin)•PHD Candidate

Age 13+ Clients

Tara prides herself on her genuine, curious, and non-judgmental approach to therapy and considers her practice to be person-centred.

Ying Low Psychologist
Ying Low

Psychologist (Clinical Psychology Registrar) //
Bpsych(Hons) • MAppPsych(Clinical)

Child, Adolescent & Adult Clients

Through facilitating self-exploration, healing, recovery, and progress, Ying aims to help you reach your potential, and live a fulfilling life.

James Serpesedes Psychologist
James Serpesedes

Psychologist / EAP Counsellor //
BA Hons(Psych) • MPsych(Org) • PhD Candidate

Age 13+ Clients

James has a special interest in assisting people with work-related issues and other general difficulties which impede daily functioning and life in general.
Tiffany Foster Psychologist
Tiffany Foster

Psychologist //
Bpsych • MAppPsych(Clin)

Adolescent & Adult Clients

Tiffany aims to work towards bringing about therapeutic change and healing based on the goals that are important to both you and your lifestyle.
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Aaron Neo Psychologist

Managing Partner + Psychologist // MAPS
BCommun • BPsych • MAppPsych(Org)

EAP Clients Only

Aaron places a strong emphasis on helping people build their skills and knowledge so they can better manage their own well-being and goals.

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